Boreal Shores Art Tour

Project Start Date: September 2016 Project Completion Date: September 2016 Project Description: Logo Design

Team Members Involved: Cyndie Mitchell

Project at a Glance

Project Scope

In 2016, the Boreal Shores Art Tour Committee formed and started preparing to host a yearly art tour through the North Eastman. They wanted a logo design that could include the major themes of the tour, including art, driving, the winding river, and the boreal forest.

Project Results

With the Tour’s goals in mind, the LM Creative team set out to produce a logo that:

  • Was a graphic representation that incorporated the desired themes and would allow the target market to interpret how they viewed the logo. Is it a tree, a river, or a road?

  • Would stand alone as an artistic piece that didn’t require the use of the event’s name in the logo.

Services Provided

The Boreal Shores Logo creation project required:

Graphic Design

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