LM Creative

Project Start Date: October 2022 Project Completion Date: October 2022 Project Description: Brand Identity

Team Members Involved: Noel Linsey and Cyndie Mitchell

Project at a Glance

Project Scope

When the partners of LM Creative came together, one of the first projects they undertook was creating an LM Brand Identity. The goal of the Brand Identity was to showcase our attitude of progressive, creative solutions conveyed through a high degree of flexibility and bold use of elements to shape the brand.

Project Results

With LM Creative’s bold goals in mind, we set out to:

  • Create a logo that reflected flexibility and out of the box thinking,

  • Prepare alternate logos that would work with any colour scheme,

  • Create a Brand Identity Kit that could be implemented quickly and easily.

Services Provided

The Brand Identity creation required the following services:

Graphic Design

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