North Whiteshell Business Association

Project Start Date: November 2022 Project Completion Date: November 2022 Project Description: Logo Design

Team Members Involved: Noel Linsey and Cyndie Mitchell

Project at a Glance

Project Scope

Design a logo that would represent the North Whiteshell Business Association professionally, that would be recognizable as the North Whiteshell, incorporate recognition of indigenous culture, and conform to alternate uses.

Project Results

With North Whiteshell Business Association’s goals in mind, the LM Creative Team designed the website to:

  • Create a professional logo that could scale for use on business cards to banners,

  • Provided an alternate logo that would suit social media profile use,

  • Incorporated the feel of the North Whiteshell branding, and

  • Used the Bannock Point Petroforms as the graphic icon.

Primary Logo

Alternate Logo

Services Provided

The following services were provided to North Whiteshell Business Association:

Graphic Design

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