Barrier Bay Resort

Project Start Date: June 2021 Project Completion Date: July 2021 Project Description: Website Development & Management

Team Members Involved: Dallas Mitchell and Skylor Mitchell

Project at a Glance

Project Scope

Barrier Bay Resort needed a new website with a modern feel, engaging copywriting, photos, and videos, and containing large amounts of information about the resort (cabins, packages, equipment rentals, etc.).

Barrier Bay also wanted walk-through videos of all their cabins (nine in total) and aerial promotional videos showing the grounds of the resort.

Project Results

With Barrier Bay Resort’s goals in mind, the LM Creative Team designed the website to:

  • Showcase the resort, amenities, and surrounding area

  • Easily be navigated by the audience,

  • Show what the resort has to offer with engaging photos and videos. This also included Noel creating an interactive 360 photo walk-through (he is currently in the process of making more for the resort), and

  • Make booking a stay quick and easy.

Services Provided

LM Creative Team Members, Noel and Dallas, have delivered the following services to Barrier Bay Resort.

Website Development & Management


Graphic Design

Video Production