HEROS Alliance: Helping Everyone Reach Out to Support

Project Start Date: July 2021 Project Completion Date: August 2021 (note: training is ongoing) Project Description: Website Development & Training

Team Members Involved: Cyndie Mitchell and Skylor Mitchell

Project at a Glance

Project Scope

HEROS Alliance realized a need for a website to showcase their projects, connect with the community, and provide vital information on support services in the area. After the website was complete, the volunteers of HEROS expressed interest in website training.

HEROS wanted to learn how to add additional information as their organization grew and new support services, material, and information in the area became available. One-on-one website training was done with a member of HEROS, showing the website’s inner workings, and LM Creative provides support when needed.

Project Results

With the HEROS Alliance’s goals and needs in mind, the LM Creative Team designed the website to:

  • Create a simple yet engaging one-page website that is easy to navigate and showcases HEROS core projects: Community Well-being, Food Security, Health and Wellness, and Additional Support,

  • Create a website with a simplified backend management system so that HEROS Volunteers can maintain and update the website as needed, and

  • Provide Website Training so the organization can be self-sufficient to add or make changes when new material becomes available.

Services Provided

LM Creative provided the following services during the website design and training project for HEROS Alliance:

Website Development


Graphic Design