Volunteer LdB

Project Start Date: July 2021 Project Completion Date: August 2021 Project Description: Website Development & Management

Team Members Involved: Cyndie Mitchell and Skylor Mitchell

Project at a Glance

Project Scope

The Lac du Bonnet CDC and several volunteer-based organizations realized a need for a central website that could act as a hub for volunteer recruitment and volunteer job listings for the community of Lac du Bonnet.

The website needed to be easy to use, have a space to list volunteer opportunities, and have a Volunteer Newsletter sign-up (where the volunteer opportunities would be shared with the people who signed up).

Project Results

With the Volunteer LdB Committee’s goals in mind, the LM Creative Team designed the website to:

  • Showcase volunteer opportunities in Lac du Bonnet in a clear, engaging way,

  • Have an online form that organizations can fill out with in-depth details about the volunteer opportunity, and

  • Have a Newsletter sign-up where people will receive volunteer opportunities directly in their inboxes.

Services Provided

LM Creative provided the following services during the website development project for Volunteer LdB:

Website Development & Management


Graphic Design