Whiteshell Petroforms

Project Start Date: May 2021 Project Completion Date: September 2021 Project Description: Website Development & Management

Team Members Involved: Dallas Mitchell and Skylor Mitchell

Project at a Glance

Project Scope

In 2021, Whiteshell Petroforms wanted a website that would highlight their workshops and tours and share the story of the business and Anishinaabe heritage.

Project Results

With the Whiteshell Petroform’s goals in mind, the LM Creative Team designed the website to:

  • Engage the audience with photos, videos, and compelling copy,

  • Showcase the workshops and tours,

  • Feature a blog section where Whiteshell Petroforms shares stories and information about the Petroforms and Anishinaabe heritage, and

  • Have the Whiteshell Petroforms website rank on the first page of Google when searching for the Bannock Point Petroforms or Whiteshell Petroforms.

Services Provided

LM Creative provided the following services during the website development project for the Whiteshell Petroforms:

Website Development & Management


Photo Editing