It’s Time to Get to Know the Team Behind the Name

Your Trusted Partner for Growth.

It’s Time to Get to Know the Team Behind the Name

Your Trusted Partner for Growth.

It’s Time to Get to Know the Team Behind the Name

Your Trusted Partner for Growth.

About LM Creative

At LM Creative, we passionately focus on empowering business owners, employees, and community champions through personalized coaching, consulting, and creative strategies for business development and marketing. Specializing in rural small to medium businesses, community development, tourism, events, and non-profits, we are your trusted partner to nurture growth, inspire positive change, and create foundations for sustained success.

your trusted partner for business development and marketing growth

Cyndie Mitchell

Business Development Strategist

Driven by creativity and a strategic business mindset, Cyndie is a dynamic professional with a background in business development, community economic development, marketing, and photography. Specializing in driving growth for small businesses, start-ups, non-profit organizations, and communities, she excels in crafting effective strategic plans, marketing strategies, and business development initiatives.

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Connect with Noel:

Noel Linsey

Creative Strategist

Noel is an imaginative artist with a genuine passion for the beauty found in every frame. Drawing from a writing, graphic design, photography, and videography background, he brings a touch of magic to his creations. Noel specializes in crafting compelling visual experiences through thoughtfully designed logos, brand aesthetics, & captivating video and photographic storytelling.

Skylor Mitchell

Content Strategist

Skylor is a wordsmith driven by a love for the written language. With a background in English communications, writing, and marketing, she excels in creating clear, concise, and compelling messaging. Specializing in social media management, blogging, and website design, Skylor brings a unique blend of precision and creativity to deliver impactful stories and engaging content.

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Dallas Mitchell

Marketing & Sales Strategist

The numbers drive our analytical thinker, Dallas. With a background in sales, marketing, website design, and research, he brings the perfect blend of logic and creativity to each project. Dallas excels in delivering digital advertising campaigns that increase ROI, implementing sales strategies that deliver results, and executing strategic marketing and website design projects precisely.

The Right Team. The Right Solution.

Learn more about us and see if we’re the right addition to your team.

Why Choose Us

With over 20 years of experience in strategic business planning, creative marketing, and community development, LM Creative brings expertise to every project we work on. Our seasoned team has successfully partnered with businesses, non-profit organizations, and communities, delivering coaching, consulting, and creative solutions that get results. While we have collectively worked within several industries, we have been the trusted partner for tourism and hospitality providers, economic development corporations, chambers of commerce, non-profit organizations, professional service providers, health and wellness trainers, event organizers, and rural small business owners for the past ten years.

We are passionate about business development, storytelling, and helping our clients achieve their goals through solutions that work for them.

Your Success is Four Steps Away!

It Starts with a Call.
Let’s chat about your business goals and challenges to see if we’re the right fit for you and how we can help your business grow.

Let’s Make a Plan.
We’ll devise a comprehensive project plan to ensure a seamless and successful execution of your goals and objectives.

Bring Vision to Reality.
Watch your vision come to life as the LM Creative team executes the project, turning plans into tangible results.

Implement the Project.
Seamlessly integrate your completed project into your business and watch the results take shape.


We have had the opportunity to work with some pretty fantastic businesses, non-profits, event organizers, and communities over the years:

We’re Here To Help Your Business Grow!

Through Coaching, Consulting, and Creative Solutions Tailored for You!