Starting a business is a hard task to accomplish. Navigating the business world and staying relevant can be even harder.

LM Creative is here to add support and guidance to your business, your team, and you. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for years, a fresh set of eyes, new skill sets and knowledge, and different approaches are assets that can grow your business to new heights.

“Bringing great people onto your team is about demonstrating that size really doesn’t matter – people do.”  -Jess Campbell

“Bringing great people onto your team is about demonstrating that size really doesn’t matter – people do.” -Jess Campbell

LM Creative Provides 30 Years of Business Expertise

By developing our own businesses, we know firsthand the triumphs and challenges that business owners face; and through our years of working with and mentoring entrepreneurs, we know how to grow your business, face those challenges, and develop your skill set.

From building the foundation of your business to marketing what you have to offer, developing your messaging to designing promotional materials, and capturing your story through photography and videography, LM Creative offers over 30 years of knowledge and solutions for your business.

Our underline passion is helping businesses succeed. We love the challenge and creativity that goes into every part of the planning process to differentiate our clients from their competition and make their vision a reality.

Meet the LM Creative Team

LM Creative is a group of like-minded individuals that just happened to cross paths with each other and combine our businesses and talents together.

The connection was made or rather discovered when Noel and Cyndie met through a project. Cyndie was providing Experiential Tourism Development Training through Eastman Tourism Association, and Noel was hired to photograph each Experience. Over the five Experiences, Cyndie and Noel bonded over shop talk, photography, and loads of friendly sarcasm.

After the Experiences were complete, Noel shared his idea and passion to start a YouTube video series where he would explore Manitoba via motorcycle and asked for advice. Instead, a partnership was made, Noel gained a pit crew from the Mitchells, and the video series, Epic Rides MB (yes, this is a shameless shoutout), was born. Soon after, another crazy idea and partnership were made, and we combined our experiences and skills to create LM Creative.

The three Ms of the group operated ZAMM Communications, providing clients with business development services, strategic marketing, event planning services, website design, and copywriting. ZAMM has had the great opportunity to work with entities like Eastman Tourism Association, the RM and Town of Lac du Bonnet, JP Events, HEROS Alliance, LdB Wildlife Association, and more.

The L of the group, Mr. Noel Linsey, operated NC Linsey Creative, offering services of content writing, photography, videography, documentary, and graphic design. Over the years, Noel has worked with amazing businesses and organizations like Barrier Bay Resort, Interlake Outdoors Show & Market, Eastman Tourism Association, the Government of Canada, and more.

As LM Creative, we offer a powerhouse of services to help our clients expand their reach, gain new customers, and showcase their business to the world. By combining L and M’s services together, we offer a vast amount of business services all within one team. With LM, there’s no more calling multiple service providers, relaying your goals and aspirations over and over. There’s no more headaches caused by separate businesses grinding against each other with different visions while your goals get lost in the shuffle. With LM Creative, you get a one-stop shop of business solutions and services with one well-oiled team who’s on the same page. Take a few minutes to learn about our team members below.

Cyndie Mitchell

Senior Business Development Strategist

Business Planning | Marketing | Graphic Design

Image of Ctndie Mitchell of LM CreativeWhat happens when you add creativity and a business mindset together with a dash of get-her-done attitude? You get Cyndie Mitchell! Cyndie exudes enthusiasm and passion when it comes to helping people and organizations achieve their goals. She loves the challenge and individuality that comes with each new project and being a part of making clients’ visions and dreams a reality. She offers many abilities and talents, but she truly shines in helping people build strong, long-lasting foundations for their endeavours through strategic business planning.

Cyndie has been navigating the business world for nearly 20 years, starting with her first business, Just for You Photography, in 2004, after earning her Business Administration (Marketing Major) from Red River College. In 2005, Cyndie created a small circuit of wedding shows to promote Just For You. The shows were effective marketing events, which also led to working with other show vendors to create marketing plans, advertising campaigns, and websites.

In 2012 Cyndie transitioned to business development and marketing consulting. Starting a new business, ZAMM Communications, Cyndie began working with clients in the trucking and tourism industries by providing blogging, marketing, and business development services.

Cyndie lives an entrepreneurial life and is an active community builder. She has been a prominent volunteer in her hometown, offering professional services to local non-profits such as Fire & Water Music Festival, Lac du Bonnet Ice Fishing Derby, HEROS Alliance, the RM Centennial Celebrations, and more. Cyndie also loves her position as the Economic Development Officer for the Lac du Bonnet Community Development Corporation.

In her spare time, Cyndie loves spending time with her family, even the ones she works with every day! Whether it’s movie/game night or huddled around a bonfire with some country/indie tunes playing, downtime with the family is her favourite. An avid DIYer, she enjoys dabbling in furniture restoration, poor painting, wood burning, and other random projects.  She still picks the camera, but mostly for pleasure now, and she especially loves hiking with it to capture nature’s beauty. And while she isn’t very good at it, Cyndie does enjoy sitting bankside to fish (except when it comes to touching fish eyeballs. Yuck!).

Noel Linsey

Creative Strategist

Photography | Videography | Graphic Design | Copywriting

Image of Noel Linsey of LM Creative.You can use many words to describe Noel Linsey – and thankfully, most of them are good! Some that come to mind are: heavily caffeinated. Motorcycle addict. Adventure seeker. Storyteller. And unicorn (a drone pilot that can also shoot cinematic aerial footage and stills). Another word that we argue is all-encompassing of the above is “artist.” Noel has always had an eye for the arts. Whether designing logos, writing articles and messaging for clients, capturing people’s stories through photography and videography, or holding down the low end on his bass guitar with numerous bands, Noel has incorporated creativity in all his professional paths.

Noel’s passion for storytelling started with the written word, penning numerous articles on a myriad of topics. As Noel honed his craft, he found constant writing gigs with several international outdoor magazines. Not long after, Noel discovered a new love – photography. From his basement dark room to the adoption of digital photography, Noel has been working professionally with musicians, tourism operators, and his own work to share his love for adventure, art, and Manitoba.

What started as a means to foster new clients has become yet another passion and a powerful tool in Noel’s toolbox. Videography. Noel has worked with tourism operators, outdoor TV shows, resorts, and even the Federal Government, using professional, compelling footage and sharp writing skills to create engaging and meaningful content.

When Noel isn’t creating, you’re likely to find him in the great outdoors hunting, fishing, canoeing, simply enjoying the view, or out on his motorcycle taking the road less travelled. He is also known to be the best stew chef around, cooking up tasty delights like moose head stew, octopus stew, and other weird stuff (ask him about his squirrel stew recipe!) – but he also makes a mean Yorkshire Pudding. And the one thing that’s better than exploring is spending time with his family, wife Kara and his son and daughter.

Dallas Mitchell

Senior Marketing Strategist

Marketing | Advertisement Campaigns | Website Design

Image of Dallas Mitchell of LM Creative.Describing Dallas Mitchell can be done with one simple word. Geek. Dallas is LM Creative’s official tech, website, ad campaign, numbers, and research guy. He loves digging into the numbers while executing advertising campaigns and learning the algorithms of online platforms. In layman’s terms, he’s our in-house nerd and our go-to for online solutions for our clients.

But don’t let the tech gobbledygook fool you. Dallas can be just as creative as the rest of the LM team! From finding the perfect solution for your business, creating engaging ad campaigns that get results, to designing beautiful, user-friendly websites with all the bells and whistles, Dallas offers a slew of support and services.

Dallas was co-owner of a photography company with Cyndie, primarily as the second shooter and the website/online marketing person. When the duo started ZAMM Communications, Dallas was the online and tech person, as well as one of the copywriters. One example of his talents is his work for our trucking clients, specifically driver recruitment. In an industry with high employee turnover and even higher recruitment costs, Dallas has managed to fill positions and reduce the cost of hiring over-the-road, long-haul truck drivers quickly and efficiently.

In his spare time, Dallas isn’t known to slow down. He is an active community member in Lac du Bonnet, where he lends his skills to community groups. He has worked with Fire & Water Music Festival, the LdB Community Centre and is a current board member of the LdB Wildlife Association as their Social Media/Communication Director and leads the new Fundraising & Sponsorship Committee.

He loves watching comedy movies with his family, even though he can get quite annoyed by the constant talking (or bickering in some cases) from Skylor and sons Nathan and Danny. He is also an avid YouTube watcher and article reader of science topics, especially when it comes to space. The one thing you might not like about him is he LOVES hockey . . . but is a Colorado Avalanche fan.

Skylor Mitchell

Senior Content Writer & Editor

Copywriting | Editing | Website Design

Image of Skylor Mitchell of LM CreativeAfter devouring a few book franchises, Skylor’s love of writing was sparked. She would sit for hours in front of her computer writing (a good foreshadow of her future evidently), and, while there was much to be desired from the then 12-year-old aspiring writer, she would challenge herself each session, slowly honing and learning her trade. Throughout her teen years, Skylor was constantly reading creative writing books or participating in online college courses to sharpen her skills.

At 16, Skylor transitioned from writing short stories and magical, mythical novels to blogging by accident. When Cyndie came down with a nasty cold, Skylor was tasked with writing a few blogs for a tourism client. In the end, Skylor exceeded expectations. The blogs were wonderful and well-received by the target audience. Skylor has been blogging ever since, growing her skills and taking the lead role on B2C social media management jobs and website design services, and is now LM’s Senior Copywriter. And naturally, Skylor acts as the group’s editor, and not a word is published for clients until “Hawkeye” has given the green light.

Skylor credits many of her skills to her volunteer experience with local organizations, where she learned event planning, photography, marketing, organization/coordination skills, data entry, management, and more. Skylor has worked with organizations such as Fire & Water Music Festival, LdB Historical Society, and LdB Food Bank. Currently, Skylor volunteers with HEROS Alliance (providing website development services and training) and the LdB Wildlife Association (part of the board and the new Fundraising Committee).

When Skylor isn’t in front of her computer (or imploring the rest of the LM crew to use Oxford commas), she likes to unwind with snuggles from the family dogs, Moose and Loki, or cats, Buddy and Jules. She’s always up for game night with the fam or exploring the outdoors with friends. And, hopefully, you like references from TV shows like The Office, Friends, Supernatural, Stargate (currently and quite possibly forever her favourite), and more, as many live in her mind rent-free, and she can’t help but share. She’s also learning how to knit, and when she’s feeling especially in the mood, will amp it up with an episode of Golden Girls.

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