Project Scope

The Winnipeg River Tourism Corridor is a regional committee working to develop a tourism corridor that spans from Powerview-Pine Falls to Pinawa, including the communities along the Winnipeg River. In early 2023, the Committee received grant funding to establish a marketing plan that would help the Committee set strategies, tactics, and direction for increasing tourism to this region.

Working Together

With the Committee’s overarching goal in mind, LM Creative produced a strategic marketing plan that:

  • Detailed the strategic tourism initiatives undertaken by both Federal and Provincial governments that aligned with the region’s assets and opportunities.

  • Compiled a master list of tourism assets, attractions, complementary businesses (grocery stores, gas stations, etc.), and infrastructure across the four participating communities.

  • Crafted 26 distinct customer persona profiles to pinpoint target market segments tailored to the region’s existing tourism assets and attractions.

  • Identified tourism trends for the Committee’s adoption to enhance visibility and engagement.

  • Presented a situational analysis, highlighting current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats faced by the Committee.

  • Provided clear goals and objectives for the Committee’s next steps in advancing a coordinated regional visitor attraction plan.

  • Developed marketing strategies and tactics to effectively reach the target market, leveraging common characteristics shared among the 26 personas, ensuring goal attainment across varied audience segments.

Sample Pages of the WRTC Marketing Plan:

Project Details
Start Date: January 2023 | Completion Date: March 2023 | Description: Strategic Marketing Plan | Team Members Involved: Cyndie Mitchell, Skylor Mitchell, Noel Linsey, Dallas Mitchell

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